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The Nerd Out

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             Thank you for considering us for your event! At The Nerd Out, we carry a wide variety of nerdy goods, including plush (officially licensed and independent), Pokemon and MTG cards, premium metal and gemstone dice, and pre-owned manga. Some of the officially licensed plush brands include Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Nintendo. We both purchase and sell Pokemon and MTG cards at our booth, and will buy individual cards or whole card collections during the convention. The Nerd Out exclusively sells Misty Mountain Gaming dice and carries many types of their premium metal and gemstone dice. We have also just started our own in-house brand of enamel pins and plushies. Speaking of plush, our specialty is independent plushies, and we carry over 11 different brands, including Tasty Peach Studios, Sorbet Jungle, Honey Herds, and Planet Plush. We also have some exclusive plush from some of the brands we carry in the works.



             Our setup is sure to catch an eye with the 6-foot long Giant Croconana we display on top of our booth. We typically do a 2-3 booth setup with a corner made of gridwall lined with plushies and other goods. Since we have a large amount of variety in what we carry, we can change what we bring from show to show, depending on what other booths are at a convention or where we are in the convention hall. Since plush is our main product, we will always bring it and we are always careful to gain permission to sell alongside the booths of independent brands we carry, we also often carry items that are either out of print or out of stock at their booths.


             We are based out of Florida so we tend to do conventions along the East coast, though mostly in the South. We have also done shows in Texas, Kentucky, and Louisiana. We are currently looking into expanding operations in Northern states and having a second home base in Pennsylvania. If you want to see what other shows we're going to be doing, you can see our schedule here

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